Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pineapple Cream Pie....Mom's Recipe!!

Well since we have been posting desserts, let me post one of my all time mother's Pineapple Cream Pie. 

Pineapple Cream Pie


1 Pkg   9-inch Baked Pie Crust (Pillsbury Frozen Pie Crust or Betty Crocker) or make your own.
2 Cans 20oz. Crushed Pineapple w/heavy syrup, drained
2 Egg yolks
2 Cups milk
3/4 cup sugar
1 Tsp. salt
5 Tbls corn starch
2 Tbls butter
1 Tsp. vanilla


Prepare pie crust according to directions & set aside, allow to cool.

Over medium heat combine the 2 egg yolks, milk, sugar, salt, and cornstarch. Stir constantly and bring to boil. Mixture will thicken rapidly. When thickened, remove from heat.

Stir in butter, drained crushed pineapple and vanilla.

Pour into cooled pie crust and let pie cool.

Refrigerate until firm.

That's all there is to it. So simple.

Until next time....

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