Monday, May 28, 2012

Fresh Mango and Hot Pepper

It's mango season on Guam right now. And there is an abundance of mango. My wife, Lupe, has been busy doing all kinds of things with our mangoes from our tree. She has been cutting up mango for the "meat" and bagging it for the off season. Right now she makes mango smoothies and mangosicles. Both which are great for our hot weather. But today she made a form of "pickled" peppered mango. 

Here is a photo...

Pickled Peppered Mango

What she does is peel the green, unripened mango. She adds a whole clump of garlic which she slices. Then she mashes fresh hot pepper and adds that. The last step is salt to taste.

What happens is the salt extracts the juices from the mango and causes it to "pickle" itself. This must be refrigerated or it will spoil. But after about a day, the mango blends well with the rest of the ingredients.

Once you start eating this delicacy, it goes down like candy and is hard to stop.

This is a great appetizer while long as you have plenty of cold "beverages" around.

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