Thursday, July 5, 2012

Smoked Yellow Fin Tuna Burgers

As some of you may know, every Wednesday in our home is Burger Night. We grill up a different burger every week. This week was no exception.

I had some smoked yellow fin tuna left over from a while back and decided to throw down some burgers with it. Here is how I prepped the tuna...

I put a few smoked tuna steaks in the food processor, along with two chopped green onions and black pepper, and ground everything up.

Next I mixed in one egg and one heaping tablespoon of mayonnaise for binders. I would have preferred to use plain low fat yogurt, in lieu of the mayonnaise, but unfortunately I didn't have any on hand.

I then fashioned two paddies and applied olive oil to one side of each burger.

I heated my gas grill, topped with a stainless steel grilling tray, to medium-high heat and grilled both paddies.

I basted the paddies with Kraft's Extra Virgin Olive Oil Italian Vinaigrette Dressing on each side.

And that is how it all went down.

Here are a few pictures of this process...

Tuna Paddies and Oroweat Sandwich Thins bread on the grill.

These paddies are almost ready!!

The condiments have been added.

Finalized with Swiss cheese, tomatoes, green butter lettuce and alfalfa sprouts. We really liked the Oroweat Sandwich Thins for a change of pace and a somewhat health conscious tuna burger.

Of course the theme of this weeks burger was health conscious to a certain extent. After all there are just some condiments that I will not forego. And to top it off this was all served with our veggie fries which were grilled and cut yardlong beans basted with the Kraft's dressing. If you have never tried grilled long beans, you got to give yourself a treat. I prefer this over my other grilling staple of Asparagus.

Well, we had some darn good eats and we are looking forward to next Wednesday when I am going to grill us up some Firehouse Burgers with specially battered onion rings.

Until next time....

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