Thursday, August 30, 2012

Donne' Dinanche Restaurant, Tumon, Guam!!!

Lupe and I try to experience a new restaurant every couple of weeks. We like trying out new and exciting restaurants. And we found the experience at the fairly new Donne' Dinanche Restaurant in Tumon as such.

A friend had recommended the Donne' Dinanche Restaurant and were we are glad we went. Donne' Dinanche is located in the Royal Orchid Hotel complex. I must say that I normally do not write about restaurants on my Guam Firehouse Cook blog but this was definitely worth mentioning.

Donne' Dinanche specializes in what is referred to on Guam as "local" food "Chamorro" style!! If you don't know the meaning of Chamorro, it means the native people of the Mariana Islands, their customs, food and language.

We opted for the lunch buffet at $7.99 plus 10% service charge. The buffet is different every day. We had three different meat entrees, appetizers, salad bar, kelaguens, dinanches and drinks. It was more than worth the price but more importantly the food was great. Just like home!!!

Here is the menu...

Front Page

Back Page

As you can see by the menu, quite the variety but yet not too many items that you would be lost in the "menu zone".

Guam's Food Guy, Ken Stewart, wrote his review about his experience here and it was all super positive. To read what Ken had to say, you can go to his Guam Diner web site and read the review. Just toggle down about 9 articles.

KUAM News also featured a special on Donne' Dinanche Restaurant. It is a Joan Charfauros production of "In the Mix". You can view that video here.

For more information you can also visit Donne' Dinanche's Facebook page. 

So if you happen to be in the Tumon area and you get those "hunger pains", pull on into the Royal Orchid Hotel complex and pay a visit to the Donne' Dinanche Restaurant. Order up some home style "local" food. It will be an experience that you soon won't forget. 

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