Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday Night BBQ for Two!!!

Friday night on Guam and what to do. BBQ for two of course.

It is just the two of us left at home now. Lupe and I. All the kids are grown and gone. Still in the area and welcome any time. We miss our kids. You all know how that goes.

Anyway, Lupe came home from work and wanted to relax. I already had 1/2 a chicken in the refer marinating and potatoes sliced and ready to go.

Lupe decides to make some pasta salad and she also heated up some chili beans.

Well I go out and start the fire and do my thing. Here are a few pics...

I set up a little BBQ area on an upper level section of our property. I have 4 different areas where I like to BBQ. Only lighting is by Tiki torches.

Chicken and potato slices on the grill.

Potato slices were brushed with sesame oil, salt and peppered and brushed again with Mama Sita's BBQ Marinade Sauce.

BBQ'd Chicken well done....This is the way Lupe loves her chicken. Still very juicy.

Lupe's Pasta Salad, just like Macaroni Salad.

Lupe just has to have her hot peppers...

Lupe and Guapo lighting up the place. It's her smile folks!!!!!

And Lupe did get some grill time in. She is one happy camper as you can tell.

It was a good Friday night...just the two of us.

Until next time....