Monday, March 26, 2012

Cooking with Fresh Herbs

I have always heard about cooking with fresh herbs. How this really enhances the flavors of your menu items. Well I have dabbled with fresh herbs in the past but this year I decided to get serious and plant a herb garden with as many herbs as possible.

We have been doing this and using the fresh, garden picked herbs on our BBQ, Grilling and general cooking. Man let me tell you what....fresh, garden picked herbs takes it all to another level. Store bought herbs just don't compare. All I can say if you are ready for a mouth explosion, this is the way to do it!!! 

Here are some pictures of our herbs...






We have more herbs that we are waiting on to sprout. We are adding new ones all the time as I am able to obtain the seeds. Rosemary, sage, marjoram are just a few that we are waiting on.

You don't need a whole lot of room for this type of gardening. Just a few small containers and a little bit of your time and you will experience the outstanding flavors of garden fresh herbs in your cooking.

Use your own fresh herbs and elevate your cooking another level!!! You will definitely taste the difference.

Until next time....