Saturday, February 25, 2012

What's for Breakfast in Your House??

Well the most memorable breakfast that I had this week was the leftovers from a BBQ that we had Thursday night. We hosted a BBQ for some friends from Hong Kong who were here for a wedding of one of their family members. I jumped on the opportunity of having some of those leftovers for breakfast.

Here is what I ate:

What we have here is marlin kelaguen, similar to ceviche, Spanish rice and corn tortillas. This was very tasty.

You may or may not know that fish kelaguen is raw fish that is cooked with fresh citrus juice. In this case I used the fresh lemons that I have growing here on my property. Add in some chopped green onions for flavor and diced hot pepper and salt to taste and you have a winning combination.

The Spanish rice is also homemade. Here is the recipe:

Spanish Rice 


2 cups of Jasmine Rice 
1 8 oz. can tomato sauce 
2 tomato cans of homemade chicken stock 
3 cloves of garlic (minced very fine) 
2 tbsp of oil 


In a fry pan add the oil and brown the rice over medium heat stirring constantly; 
About the last minute add the garlic; 
When done, add the tomato sauce and the two cans of chicken stock; 
Bring everything to a boil stirring constantly; 
Once the rice starts to thicken, turn heat down to simmer; 
Stir occasionally until rice is fully cooked to your desire. 

Note** Some like their rice a little moist, some like it fluffy. Either way is fine.

All this served with hot corn tortillas. I like this kind of breakfast. I am getting a lot of protein and a touch of tanginess from the kelaguen. Gets me going for the day anyway.

Give this a try. It might be your new way to start the day!!!!

Until next time....