Friday, August 24, 2012

Breakfast Burger.....Breakfast of Champions!!!

Breakfast....everyone's favorite meal. Whether you have it in the morning or the evening, for some reason the breakfast meal and menu is great at anytime. So for that reason I just had to create the Breakfast Burger. Something that you can enjoy eating at anytime.

I set upon creating this meal within itself. Of course I had to have the burger patty. I went with home-made pork butt hamburger. I like the pork butt because it has lean meat as well as fat. Since I try to stay with the 80% meat and 20% fat ratio for my burger meats, the butt was perfect. I put the appropriate amounts of each into the food processor along with fresh oregano from the garden, minced red and yellow onions, smoked paprika powder, mustard powder and minced garlic. I gave this all a twirl in the processor and Bam!!!!! The perfect hamburger meat. Patty #1.

For Patty #2 I wanted a breakfast meat. Something different and with some kick. I spotted the Farmer John brand of link sausage with Chorizo at the store. I had to have it. Thus with this I fashioned Patty #2.

Well, because this was a breakfast burger, I felt compelled to include a fried egg and 2 strips of bacon. I thought to myself, now this is starting to shape up nicely.

Cheese, what kind of cheese did I want to use? I had four different types of sliced cheese on had. You know that variety pack from Cost U Less here on Guam. In the states I guess it could be found at Cost Co. Anyway I chose Cheddar and Monterrey Jack. I love them both and their colors would contrast nicely for my photos.

Then I topped this all off with green butter lettuce, red onion slices, a slice of beef steak tomato, and alfalfa sprouts. Got to make sure I get all the food groups in here right? Of course I had to spread my standard burger goo made up of mayo, dijon mustard and ketchup. I was able to cram this in between a large Sesame Seed bun.

Here's how that all came out...

The only problem with this burger was that it was so darn tall and fat. So I ended up cutting it in half and squishing it down a tad. Just enough so that I could get some decent bites in which is exactly what I did.

All I'm going to say is that all those flavors in you mouth at one time was like having a fiesta!!! Awesome, simply awesome! 

So if you are every in the mood for breakfast and a burger at the same time, don't hold back. Open up those flood gates and make yourself one of these Breakfast Burgers. You will be dribbling all over yourself in a flash.

Until next time....


CuddlyBunny said...

Ouuu! I never thought of adding a bit of chorizo to ground meat for a burger patty! BRILLIANT!

... and any dish, absolutely ANY dish, is improved with a fried egg!

Thank you for sharing!

Rueben said...

Thank you for the visit CuddlyBunny. The addition of chorizo really takes the burger to another level. And you are right about eggs. Gotta love em!

Check out my other site, BBQGuam @

Hope you visit again real soon. Adios for now....