Thursday, August 16, 2012

Can you say....Enchilada Burger???

Yep, had to do something different for our Wednesday Burger Night. We had been craving for some chicken enchiladas so why not kill two birds with one stone. Chicken enchiladas and Chicken Enchilada Burger. Ever hear of that one before? I hadn't but I was definitely up for the challenge to create it.

Here is what I did....

First I slow cooked the chicken in the crock pot for 4 hours. This also provided me with the fresh chicken stock that I needed for my enchilada sauce.

Next I made my home-made enchilada sauce. You can go to this link to see how I made that.

Once the chicken was done, I shredded it.

I then took a long bun, sliced it into two pieces length-wise and hollowed out the bottom half, just like Subway. I used the long bun rather than the standard round bun because enchiladas are long.

I poured enchilada sauce into that, filled it with shredded chicken, topped the chicken with more enchilada sauce, grated cheese and chopped olives. 

Over the top half of the bun I sprinkled more grated cheese.

I then placed both halves in a baking dish and into the oven broiler to heat, brown and melt the cheese for about 5 minutes.

Took them out after 5 minutes and put them together .

Then I poured a little more sauce over the top and garnished with cilantro.

There you have it!!! An Enchilada Burger.

All we could say was that they were awesome. Lupe wants me to make this again. I can go for that!!!!

Next Wednesday’s burger…..who knows????? 

Oh and by the way, we also ate regular chicken enchiladas as the side. Can you believe that??

Chicken Enchiladas fresh out of the oven!!!

Of course I had to sample these also!!  :))

Until next time....


The Fire House Chef said...


This is Ryan (from The Fire House Chef) asking for an authentic Guam Firehouse recipe to share with my audience. Look forward to hearing from you.

Rueben said...

You got it brother!! We have many but I have one in mind that I think the crew will enjoy for sure!!! I will send the link via email!!