Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chicken Kelaguen Recipe

If you are not from Guam, chances are you have never tried Chicken Kelaguen. Chicken Kelaguen is bascially BBQ'd chicken served "ceviche" style with Guam's special island twist.

You have just gotta try out this recipe. You will love it. And the more hot pepper you put in it, the more you'll go back for seconds.

I recently posted the "how to do" recipe on my BBQGuam blog at

If you do dicide to try the recipe out and have questions about it, you can contact me by email. It's listed in my profile.

Good luck and let me warn you, you have got to have plenty of ice cold beer on hand for this dish.

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Anonymous said...

Well I certainly have not heard of this before. But any recipe that states you require a lot of ice cold beer at hand is a winner in my book!

Rueben said...

Amateur Cook, thanks for the visit. The hot pepper in this dish makes that ice cold beer even that much more enjoyable.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Come back for another visit soon...Thanks

Frank Lawson said...

Spent 4 years on Guam and thought the people and food there were the greatest. Loved the fiestas with the chicken kelaguen and barbequed chicked. Must dmit the firewood used had something to do with the special flavor but the real kicker was the boonie peppers. People here in the States said they can handle hot. Would love to give them one of those and I'd giggle for a month. Wish I could find them Stateside. Oh Well! Some things in life we get to experience for such a short time. Hafa adai to all and especially to the memory of Turkey's Place!

Rueben said...

Frank, don't know how your post slipped by me. But you're right about the boonie peppers, also known on Guam as "Donne Sali". Very hot and super tasty. This is the preferred hot pepper on Guam.

Let me know if you would like me to send you over some seeds!!

Esta my friend!!

Unknown said...

My grandparents were stationed in Guam for years and they learned to make this there. It's a big event in my family when we make it because we make a ton. I make it now for my husband and friends who all love it.

lisa manibusan grenawalt said...

I grew up with keleguin as my father was born in Guam and is Chamorro. I had plenty at my wedding along with all the other guamanian food. Do wish I had a coconut grater! Will be making some this weekend with red rice and guamanian chicken.

Rueben said...

Matthew Norris it is just amazing how well known Guam Chicken Kelaguen is. When you start to mention Guam, you eventually meet someone who has been here and has tried the chicken kelaguen. I have not met anyone yet that didn't like it!!

Rueben said...

Lisa it is good to hear that you have been carrying on the island tradition with some of Guam's traditional foods. Chicken kelaguen is definitely one of the more popular dishes of Guam.

Unknown said...

Can you provide the recipes? I can't find it on your site. I see the how-to photos, but no recipe listing ingredient amounts. I worked at the Pacific Daily News in Guam many many many years ago. When I moved to Honolulu I made chicken kelaguen for my wedding reception and served it in a giant clam shell I picked up in Guam. Still have the clam shell…but not the husband. I could probably wing it with ingredient amounts, but it's always nice to start with a base recipe if you have one. (and, yes, I love it with coconut…even if you don't put it in yours. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I also was stationed on Guam with my EX, I was with the Guam Army National Guard. I met a lot of the locals and learned about the food and the Island spirits. My younger daughter was born there. Loved the food and people. I really would like to get some boonie peppers.
Please message me at with info on how i can get some peppers.